Random Saturday Morning Observation

I’ve been in classes these past two weeks and one thing that strikes me is that there are a lot of thoughtful, smart people working on SharePoint (as consultants or IT staff) who don’t blog, twitter, seem aware of public message boards like MSDN forum or SharePoint University, maintain Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, etc.  They are pure information consumers.  Not bad, just interesting.


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2 thoughts on “Random Saturday Morning Observation

  1. Paul Galvin
    Chris, good point.  If I had thought about it for 2 minute longer before posting, I would have said as much.  I know more people in your boat than in the other.
  2. Chris
    And then there are the few that really try to maintain a blog, like myself! I just find myself bogged down in the evangelism of SharePoint within my organization that blogging sometimes suffers.

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