SPD Workflow: Display Full Name Instead of Domain\username

In what appears to be his inaugural blog posting, chiqnlips has delved into the madness that is a calculated column and described a solution to a common SharePoint Designer workflow email activity problem: How to display a person’s real name in an email instead of "domain\username."

I haven’t tested it myself, but it looks promising.  Check it out.


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3 thoughts on “SPD Workflow: Display Full Name Instead of Domain\username

  1. Christophe Humbert

    In my opinion the scope is extremely limited, as it only applies to companies that use domain\firstname.lastname as username. As far as I know, most companies won’t do this as firstname.lastname is not considered a unique identifier.


  2. Kevin Thomas

    Thanks for the post Paul! You are highly regarded and it is an honor to appear in your SharePoint space. Merry Christmas!


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