Using Reflector on Microsoft.SharePoint.dll

Redgate .NET Reflector Michael Blumenthal has put up an article about alerts and views ("Which views can be used when Creating an Alert ?"), which is interesting on its own merits.  However, I was even more interested to see how he methodically walks through the process of using Redgate’s .NET Reflector.  Step by step, he shows how to use that tool track down how SharePoint determines whether a view on a list should be "subscribable" for lack of a better word (he explains this much better than I do 🙂 ).

At this point in the SharePoint era, you’d almost have to be deaf and blind to have not heard or read about using that tool.  It’s advanced stuff and my own sense is that it’s in many ways a tool of last resort.  However, if you think you need it but don’t really know how, Michael’s write-up seems like a great tutorial on this subject.


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