Spinning SharePoint Timer Jobs from Site Collection Configuration

My colleague, Ashish Patel, wrote a blog post describing a flexible timer job architecture that affords some nice flexibility to support long-running tasks and/or reports.  In his words:

1. Analyzing Checked out files and sending reminders to the individuals if the number of days (since the file was checked out) exceed certain threshold limits

2. Removing links from other content when a particular content is removed or archived from the system

3. User wants to see all the alerts that he subscribed in all webs in the site collection

4. Sending a reminders to authors to review the content when a review time was specified in the content and that date is approaching

Well, the list goes on…

– See more at: http://www.bigapplesharepoint.com/pages/View-An-Insight.aspx?BlogID=40#sthash.7cKuiwly.dpuf

There are times in my past when having something like this would have been very helpful.


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