June 2008 SUGDC Conference — That’s a Wrap

I attended my first ever SharePoint conference this past weekend and it was a blast. 

Thursday afternoon, I drove down to Virginia, guided by my newly purchased $50 GPS appliance plug-in thing to my phone.  The device was flawless.  After the five hour drive, I had the energy to do a nice run on the […]

FBA and SQL Server: A Love Story

My colleague has been working on a web part in an FBA environment.  Among other things, the web part pulls some data from SQL server.  The grand plan for this project dictates that a DBA configures data level security in SQL (as opposed to embedding a user ID in a SQL query or some other […]

Adding to the Lore: SSRS Tells Me “rsAccessDenied”, But … I Really DO Have Access

A few weeks back, I was working with my developer colleague on a project involving SQL Server Reporting Services plug-in for MOSS.  He was developing a web part that provides a fancy front-end to the report proper (the main feature being a clever lookup on a parameter with several thousand searchable values behind it).

This was […]

Quick Fix: Accessing SharePoint Site Throws [HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out.]

One of my developer colleagues was working on a project this week and ran into a timeout problem while working on building some crazy web part.  His web part was fine, but "suddenly" an unrelated site became very slow and frequently timed out with this error:

[HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out.]

I logged in and saw […]

In-class FAST Training is Excellent

I’m starting day 4 of FAST’s partner training headed up by Larry Kaye here in Needham, MA.

This 5-day session is broken down into classes (3 and 2 days respectively) entitled "FAST ESP: Developing Custom Search Applications for Alliance Partners I" and "FAST ESP: Developing Custom Search Applications for Alliance Partners II".

This is a real boot […]

SharePoint and FAST — the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of Enterprise Apps?

I’ve finished up day 2 of FAST training in sunny Needham, MA, and I’m bursting with ideas (which all the good training classes do to me).  One particular aspect of FAST has me thinking and I wanted to write it down while it was still fresh and normal day-to-day "stuff" pushed it out of my […]

Learning About End Users At

Mark Miller over at has built, in my experience, the best end-user focused SharePoint site in the ‘sphere.  In the last month, he has enlisted some of the premier end-user focused bloggers around to contribute to the "front page" on a regular basis, including but not limited to Paul Culmsee, Chris Quick, and Dessie […]

Invoking SSRS Web Services From WSS / MOSS in FBA Environment

We needed to invoke the "CreateSubscription" method on an SSRS web service that is hosted in an FBA managed MOSS environment from a custom web part.  We kept getting variations of:

401: Not authorized
Object Moved

The "object moved" message was most interesting because it was saying that the "object" (our SSRS service) had "moved" to […]

Have You Performed Your Monthly Search Analysis?

It’s a good practice, probably even a Best Practice, to review your search reports once a month and look for opportunities to add best bets, tune your thesaurus and maybe even uncover some business intelligence that is otherwise hidden to management. 

It’s already the 3rd of the month.  Time’s awastin’


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Technorati […]

Faceted Search Fence Sitter No More

I had reason today to play about with the codeplex faceted search project today. 

It’s been around for a while, but I hesitated to download and use it for the usual reasons (mainly lack of time), plus outright fear

If you’re looking to improve your search and explore new options, download it and install […]