“Can Do” versus “Should Do” in SharePoint Projects

I think that many of us are occasionally presented with, for lack of a better phrase, young-child requirements.  The end user really, very badly wants a certain specific look and feel, or a very specific sorting structure or a to cut out one click or menu option to ease navigation or [insert passionately held belief […]

Quick Tip: Adding jQuery to MOSS Publishing Pages

When enhancing MOSS publising pages using jQuery, I hit the following speed bump:

Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

Parser Error

Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. […]

A Little Annoyance Carried Forward…

SP2010 is very cool stuff, but I wish they would have adjusted the language on list and libraries settings’ pages when it comes to managing content types:

The same language was in place for WSS/MOSS.  Just change the word “delete” to “remove” and it will just plain make more sense.

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New Article, “Mastering SharePoint”

My latest article for is up and kicking here:

Here’s a teaser:

This is basically a pretty short and condensed version of my most popular public presentation on “On to Learn SharePoint.”  No banjo jokes, however.

Check it out!


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BPOS 2010 and “Superset”

I was reading one of these pretty generic blah-like articles on BPOS (Microsoft’s exchange and SharePoint in the cloud) and thankfully waded through to the end:

In terms of other near-term deliverables, Microsoft is commiting to provide in BPOS v.Next native PowerShell scripting via a PowerShell endpoint build on PowerShell Version 2. Authentication will be done […]

SharePoint Saturday Baltimore Poll

I hesitate to pass this along given that “banjo jokes” is not an option, but … The end-of-August SharePoint Saturday (Baltimore edition) organizers have a poll up asking for suggested topics.  Go here to fill it out:

Vote early and vote often

But seriously, only vote once.


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Use Workflow to Simulate Content Type Security

Another day, another MSDN-forums inspired post.

Someone was asking whether they could secure a content type such that when a user clicks on the “new” button on a custom list, only content types to which that person is granted access would appear in the drop-down list.  As we know, this isn’t supported out of the box.

This […]

Content Approval as Poor Man’s Automatic Item Level Security

There’s a common business scenario with InfoPath forms.  We want allow people to fill out InfoPath forms and submit them to a library.  We want mangers (and no one else) to have access to those forms.

This question comes up now and then on the forms (e.g.

A quick way to solve this is to […]

SharePoint Online and InfoPath

I may be the last person to realize this, but SharePoint Online (which I often hear people say is a glorified WSS) supports InfoPath Forms Services.  That’s pretty powerful stuff, especially considering that IP FS is a MOSS Enterprise feature and BPOS is something like $1.99/month for 10,000 users.  Maybe it’s a little more than […]

Taxonomy Discussions Will Never Go Away

There’s an unusual “theory” type thread going on here on the MSDN forums:

A lot of MSDN forum questions are very “how do I do [x]” in nature.

This is a big topic and some of the key issues are being addressed pretty nicely in the thread.

Join in the fun!


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