New release: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions (string manipulation functions)

UPDATE: See here for my thoughts on commercializing this project:!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!569.entry

I’ve been busy working on my Codeplex project which is presently focused on providing string manipulation extensions to workflows created via SharePoint Designer.

See here for details:

Project home:


Version 1.0 includes the following new features:

Function Description (if not same as .Net function)
Num-entries() Returns the number "entries" in a string as per a specified delimiter. 

For example: Num-entries in a string "a,b,c" with delimiter "," = 3.

Entry() Returns the nth token in a string as per a specified delimiter. 
Length String.Length
Replace() String.Replace()
Contains() String.Contains()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".
Substring(start) String.Substring(start)
Substring(start,length) String.Substring(start,length)
ToUpper() String.ToUpper()
ToLower() String.ToLower()
StartsWith() String.StartsWith()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".
EndsWith() String.EndsWith()
Returns the word "true" or the word "false".

5 thoughts on “New release: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions (string manipulation functions)

  1. Gerry Whitworth
    I solved the problem and posted it on another blog.  I think the key is to put the actions into the WSS.Actions file.  After doing this I was able to see the helper functions.  All of the examples he has listed above work.  The problem is that I can’t figure out how to use WorkFlow variables with the helper functions.  I tried to substring one of my date values and then display the chopped date value in an email.  This does not work at all because the program treates the variable as a string i.e. "[%_x005f_string47%]".  I doubt that these helper functions work with WorkFlow variables at all.  I ask how is this useful if I can’t use WorkFlow variables?
    Perhaps I am missing something?
  2. Ashish Kanoongo
    Hello Paul
    I also facing same problem as Gerry facing. I am getting action Invoke a C# Helper functioon, once I clicks this notthing appear in the designer.
    I am doiing everything on directly server as per your installation instruction, but no luck
    ANy idea, whats wrong I am doing here?
  3. Gerry Whitworth
    Install went as expected but when I select the new action "Invoke a Function" nothing appears in the designer.  Any idea what I have done wrong?
  4. Manoj


    I am trying to add Invoke C# helper function in Action on SharePoint Designer workflow..When i click on Invoke C# helper function , it does not showing in the action list..
    Any idea?….
    Why its happening.

    1. Paul Galvin Post author

      Hi, Manoj. I assume you figured this out a long time ago. Sorry for not replying back in 2010 when you made the comment.


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