Free eBooks Download for C#, ASP.Net, etc.,

Free eBooks on the Following the Topics are available from FreeBookSource

.Net Frame Work Algorithms Artificial Intelligence ASP.Net Assembly – BIOS Accounts-Finance-Economics Free eBooks Adobe Certifications C – C++ C # COM-DCOM-COM+ Compilers Cookery New Database + PHP + Web Director Dreamweaver Engineering Encryption-Cryptography Flash IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT Games – Animation – DirectX […]

Microsoft TechMela 2007 in India (Mumbai)

TechMela –The fusion of the latest technologies, technical expertise, and structured learning experiences.

TechMela is an evolution of the erstwhile TechEd, Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference, MIX, and IT Professionals’ Conference. TechMela is the definitive confluence of technologists and business professionals.

Creating many pathways to knowledge exchange, TechMela comprises of technology presentations, scenario showcases, experience […]

Speaker in Accenture’s Shaping the Future Forum

Hi, I am very proud that i have presented the technical paper MOSS 2007 Integration with Commerce Server 2007.

Check EventPage

Enable Internet Connectivity for Pocket PC Emulator in VisualStudio 2005

Check the below blogpost from msdn blogs for enabling the internet connectivity for the pocket pc emulator device in visual studio 2005.

Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits

Hi Mobile Developers, Microsoft has released the SDK for Windows Mobile 6. This download of SDK pack consist of documentation, sample code, library files, and emulator images for smart phone and pocket pc and tools for Visual Studio.

Download here

Commerce Server 2007 Staging System by Esra Onalan

Friday May 18th 2007 7:00AM-8:30AM. Live from Redmond – Commerce Server 2007 Staging System Development by Esra Onalan

The second in our Live from Redmond series!

Learn how to develop programmatically against the Commerce Server 2007 Staging System by Esra Onalan. You will learn:

1. Overview

2. Concepts

3. Security

4. Authentication […]

Error when submitting InfoPath form SharePoint Services form library (InfoPath cannot connect to the data source)

Using the RegForm Tool to Create a Fully Trusted Form

Use the Below Syntax to Register form in the Server as Fully Trusted

RegForm /U urn:MyForm:MyCompany /T Yes C:MyFormsMyTrustedForm.xsn

If the Form is Fully Trusted then it will have the access to connect to other data sources such as SQL.

Windows Mobile 6 Flash Demo

This Windows Mobile 6 flash demo can be used by anyone selling Windows Mobile 6 into the Business Segment – that means Microsoft Employees or Partners should leverage this demo.

The demo walks through our three pillars; Advanced Mobile Communications, Increased Mobile Productivity, and Integrated Mobile Business Performance. It is targeted at customers who would […]

Excel Services Architecture

The Below Microsoft Article Clearly Explains the architecture for the Excel Service in MOSS 2007.

which version of sharepoint is installed, 64bit or 32 bit

This is a small trick to find which version of sharepoint is installed in machine either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition redirects the Program Files directory for all programs. The 32-bit application during the installation to the Program Files(x86) directory. Programs that 64-bit are installed into the Program Files directory.