Change Global Search Center URL in SharePoint 2013

If the search center URL is empty you would be able to set it up in Search Administration Page on Central Admin.

Once you set the value you don’t have the interface to change this value.

Use PowerShell to change the URL

$search = $search = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication

$search.SearchCenterURL = <<URL>>


Execution Scripts is disabled in this system

I just installed the Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell to configure single sign on for Office 365.

When I try to run the PowerShell script for Single Sign on Module:

The default script execution policy is set to Restricted. You can get the default execution policy by using cmdlet […]

Site Template ID in SharePoint 2010

I was working on creating my new codeplex tool for Site Governance to automate the process of creating the site based on the request.

The site will be provisioned programmatically using the object model in custom actions associated with SPD workflow. While building this action, I was trying to get the list of site templates […]

List all PowerShell Command-let’s in SharePoint 2010

This is the series of PowerShell Scripts in SharePoint 2010. Learn a cmdlet (command-let) a day.


Cmdlet’s are compiled commands installed with PowerShell. When you start “SharePoint 2010 Management PowerShell”, the console starts with pre-loaded cmdlets.

Day 1:


Get-Command cmdlet will return all commandlets registered with PowerShell. […]