Restrict Anonymous Users to view Form Pages in MOSS 2007

If you enable the anonmous access in MOSS 2007 Site. The anonmous user will able to access the form pages like: http://server/pages/forms/allitems.aspx

If you want to restrict anonymous users to access those default form pages.

Enable the ViewFormsPagesLockdown Feature to restrict anonymous users to access the site

Syntax: stsadm.exe -o activatefeature -url -filename

Example: […]

How to Display Quick Launch in Web Part Pages/Custom Pages in Moss 2007

To Display Quick Launch in Custom Web Part Pages

Follow the Below Steps to Enable Quick Launch :

Normally when we create the Web Part page the quick launch will not be displayed in left navigation bar

Open the Page for editing in Sharepoint Designer Remove the LeftNavBar Content Place holder from Master Page […]