Update URL After cloning Server in SharePoint

This would be very common scenario most of us bump into. You may need to clone your Web Front End to host it in different environment. After restoring the cloned instance you may find your new server refers to the old server name.

Quick and easy way to update the server name using stsadm in […]

MOSS 2007 Administration Toolkit

The Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit contains functionality to help manage Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0. This toolkit contains two new functions – the ability to perform bulk operations on site collections and an Stsadm operation to update alert e-mails after the URL for a Web application has been changed.

Download […]

How to Enable Anonymous Access in MOSS 2007

To Enable anonymous access in MOSS 2007 Site. Select the Allow Anonymous option while creating new web application in creation screen.

Now the web application is enabled to allow anonymous users. Now the permission set for the anonymous users has to be defined. Next we need to provide site level permission for the […]

How to Configure SMTP in MOSS 2007 Site

To Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Outgoing Emails do the following steps:

Open Central Administration

Open Operations Tab and Click Outgoing email settings under Topology and Services

Central Administration -> Toplogy and Services -> Outgoing email settings

Configure the Appropriate SMTP Server Settings and click OK.

Now you have […]

Increase Upload File size in Moss 2007

To Increase Upload File size in Moss 2007

By Default Moss will allow us to upload File size up to 50 MB. If you want to increase upload file size.

Follow the Below Steps: Open Central Administration

Open Web Application General Settings

Change the Maximum Upload Size to Required Size Upload File size can […]

How to Upload Exe Files in SharePoint Document Library

If you are getting error while uploading exe file or anyother blocked files.

Follow the steps below to upload the files

Open Central Administration in the Operation Tab Securtiy Section open the option Blocked file types

Remove the exe (extension) in the list & delete also from the web applications blocked file types list.