How to Debug Feature Receiver Assemblies in Visual Studio – MOSS 2007

If you try to activate the feature using stsadm command you will not be able to debug the feature receiver assemblies.

Open the Site collection features in

Site Actions ->

Site Settings ->

Modify All Site Settings ->

Site Collection Administration -> Site Collection features

Attach the w3wp.exe process in visual studio. Place breakpoints. […]

Set Default Text for RichHtmlField in MOSS 2007

In WCM most of you guys may use RichHtmlField in publishing Layout. To set default text property to RichHtmlField using HTML property to pass your default text.

Example: [PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField FieldName=”CountrySectionTitle3″ runat=”server” id=”RichHtmlField5″ AllowExternalUrls=”true” AllowFonts=”true” AllowHeadings=”false” AllowHtmlSourceEditing=”false” AllowHyperlinks=”true” AllowImages=”false” AllowLists=”false” AllowReusableContent=”false” AllowTables=”false” AllowTextMarkup=”false” Html=”[html][body][p]–Default Text–[/p][/body][/html]”] [/PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField]

Note: Sorry Guyz, Still i am not able to post […]

MOSS 2007 Patches after SP1

Some of the Patches released by microsoft for MOSS 2007 after SP1