Set Default Text for RichHtmlField in MOSS 2007

In WCM most of you guys may use RichHtmlField in publishing Layout.
To set default text property to RichHtmlField using HTML property to pass your default text.

[PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField FieldName=”CountrySectionTitle3″ runat=”server” id=”RichHtmlField5″ AllowExternalUrls=”true” AllowFonts=”true” AllowHeadings=”false” AllowHtmlSourceEditing=”false” AllowHyperlinks=”true” AllowImages=”false” AllowLists=”false” AllowReusableContent=”false” AllowTables=”false” AllowTextMarkup=”false” Html=”[html][body][p]–Default Text–[/p][/body][/html]”] [/PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField]

Sorry Guyz, Still i am not able to post the tags pls replace ‘[‘ with ‘<' and ']' with '>‘

1 comment to Set Default Text for RichHtmlField in MOSS 2007

  • (Malay Vasavada)

    i think you can use ≶ for <
    and > for >.

    try it.

    your posts are really good.

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