SharePoint Diagnostics (SPDiag) Tool for SharePoint Products and Technologies

The real power of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is that they can be endlessly customized to meet a wide variety of business needs. The Protean nature of SharePoint is at once its most powerful feature and its most formidable; the complexity of your SharePoint environment can increase by orders of […]

How to Change Default Content Database

To Change Default Content in DB.

Open Central Administration.

Click Operations.

Under Data Configuration Click “Default database server” option

Provide the Database Server Name and credentials to access.

The new database server is configured to host content db.

SPDisposeCheck Released!

SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1 has been released on MSDN Code Gallery, This tool will help improve the quality of your SharePoint assemblies. It will inspect your SharePoint assemblies and check that you are correctly disposing of certain SharePoint objects (IDisposable objects which includes SPSite and SPWeb). The tool is based upon the guidance published in this […]