Change Global Search Center URL in SharePoint 2013

If the search center URL is empty you would be able to set it up in Search Administration Page on Central Admin.

Once you set the value you don’t have the interface to change this value.

Use PowerShell to change the URL

$search = $search = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication

$search.SearchCenterURL = <<URL>>


Nintex Options Not Available in Central Administration


Sometimes after finishing the installation Nintex Workflow in SharePoint farm. We won’t find the options in Central Administration.


Nintex workflow administration feature not properly activated as part of installation in Central Administration


Force Activate NintexWorkflowAdmin Feature

SharePoint Conference 2012 Session : A Primer in HTML5 & Javascript

Here is the SharePoint Conference 2012 session on HTML5 & JavaScript by Scott Hillier

Session Overview:

The Office and SharePoint new Cloud App Model that lights up HTML and JavaScript development. This session will be a primer into all that HTML5 and Javascript have to offer and the best practices for using them. You will […]

Get Started with Social Adoption using SharePoint 2013’s Cross Farm Services

SharePoint Conference 2012 Session on Get Started with Social Adoption using SharePoint 2013’s Cross Farm Services by Chris Bortilk, Steven Fowle & Isaac Stith



This session will discuss how one customer planned their first steps for SharePoint 2013 social adoption using Cross Farm Services, Audience Targeting, and Enterprise Search. Start taking your […]

How to Install “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools

Sign in to Office365 Developer Site. If you haven’t signed up for developer account, read my previous post on how to sign up for Office365 Developer account.

Navigate to SharePoint admin page, and click on “Get tools to build apps”

Click on the “ADD IT” button in right corner, and sign in using your […]

How to Sign up for Office365 Developer Site – 2013 Preview

Microsoft released the Office/SharePoint 2013 Preview last week. Our next question would be what’s new in Office365; here you go sign up for developer site access below and start developing apps for 2013.

Signup Here for Developer Site

Once you finish the sign up process you will be able to access the developer site. […]

SharePoint 2013 Preview Download

Here is the list of SharePoint 2013 Preview downloads from technet.


Download SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Download SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview

SharePoint Designer 2013

Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Language Packs for SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview

SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK