Case-Insensitive Comparison in InfoPath

I wrote an article for SharePointBriefing.com and they put it up live today. 
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Quick Hit: Reading InfoPath XML Directly From an SPListItem in SharePoint

I’m been working on a project where I need to extract attachments from an InfoPath form.  There are some good resources for parsing InfoPath forms (which are just XML files, so it’s actually quite easy). 
While I was building up the project, I s…

Programmatically Extracting Attachments From InfoPath Forms (Including Their Names!)

I have an expense entry solution for a client that leverages InfoPath and workflow.  At one point during the approval process, I need to generate an email that has all of that good InfoPath data as well as the attachments themselves so that (sigh) som…

Managing Approval Groups with InfoPath in an FBA Environment

I have an expense approval process that I need to implement using InfoPath in a forms based authentication (FBA) environment using forms services (web based InfoPath).
There are two approval groups and the process works like this:

User fills out an ex…

InfoPath // One Explanation for “Unhandled exception when rendering form System.Xml.XmlException: Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred. “

I was working on an InfPath form today and ran up against an old friend, “Unhandled exception when rendering form System.Xml.XmlException: Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred.”
This happened to me a long time ago and I don’t kn…

Embed Developer Notes Inside Your InfoPath Forms

I’m still living in InfoPath Forms world and I needed to make one of those “small” changes to a form that, unfortunately, breaks a naming convention I adopted with it two weeks ago.  I thought to myself, “someone is going to look at this thing…

Managing InfoPath Views

I seem to go through InfoPath phases where, out of the blue, I’m crafting a bunch of forms.  My fingers learn how to use the tool well and then I go through nine month drought and have to learn it all over again. 
I’m in the middle of an InfoPat…

InfoPath Form Sevices, Forms Based Authentication (FBA) and Unique File Names

I’ve been working on some InfoPath forms this week in MOSS in an FBA environment and learned, when I went to deploy the forms to a production environment with an FBA zone that the username() function function does not work.  I was using it to genera…

Quick and Simple: Make an InfoPath Form Read Only (InfoPath Forms Services in MOSS)

There’s a common business scenario like this:

User fills out an InfoPath form.
Submits form.
Long-running workflow process kicks off.
While the workflow is running, we don’t want anyone to change the content of the form.

This office….

Switch View View Based on User ID In An InfoPath Form

We had a developed an InfoPath form with multiple views to support a new hire / on-boarding process.  When the company hires a new person, the IT department and other groups need to take action (set up payroll, enable access to appropriate application…