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Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Manufacturing Process Management

Template Name: ManufacturingProcess.stp Description: Help enable manufacturing engineering teams track the linear manufacturing process as well as issues that are blocking completion of a manufacturing task. Business Area: Specialized / Vertical (Manuf…

Today is Opposite Day and I Love Debugging Code Like This

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Quick Fix: Web Services that Interact with SharePoint, InvalidOperationException

A million years ago, I helped developed a web service that was invoked via a custom action for a SharePoint Designer workflow. This week, the client wanted to move it to production (finally!) so we did. The custom action worked fine, but the web serv…

Using Delicious.com to Track SharePoint “v.next” Information

As I find resources on the web discussing features available in the next version of SharePoint, I’ll be adding them to my delicious bookmarks. It appears that Delicious allows people to subscribe to a particular tag, so if you’re interest…

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Equity Research

Template Name: EquityResearch.stp Description: Provides a centralized location to help consolidate the research done to evaluate financial equities. Business Area: Specialized / Vertical (Financial Services)

Congratulations, Natalya!

I just received word that my friend and colleague, Natalya Voskresenskaya was awarded MVP for SharePoint today. I’ve been working with Natalya for almost 18 months now and it’s a well-deserved recognition. Like all the MVPs I know, she&…