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Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Event Planning

Template Name: EventPlanning.wsp Description: Help teams organize events through the use online registration, schedules, communication and feedback. Business Area: Specialized / Vertical (Professional Services)

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Document library and Review

Template Name: DocumentLibraryReview.wsp Description: Help teams manage the document review cycle with a version-tracking document library including a threaded discussion to provide a feedback. Business Area: Project Tracking / Product Management

Fun SharePoint SSO Fact of the Day

I’ve been working with SharePoint SSO and learning as I go. One way in which this works is that you tell SharePoint about external applications. Users log into that application via some SharePoint function (e.g. iView web part). The first time …

Adventures With iView Web Parts

I needed to do some minimal proving today that iView web parts can work in my client’s environment. I’ve never worked with this slice of SharePoint before. Microsoft has created a very high quality white paper on this subject. The first obstacl…

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Compliance Process Support

Template Name: ComplianceProcessSupport.wsp Description: Help both teams and executive sponsors manage compliance implementation endeavors by specifying control tasks and managing document libraries. Business Area: Business Management / Finance

MOSS User Profile as the Authority for User Language Preference

On my current project, some of the users will travel around the world and when they arrive at different destinations, use whatever machine is handy at the time. Those guest machines will be running Windows and installed and configured for the local…

SharePoint Batch Check In

SharePointBoost.com has announced a new tool that allows users to check-in multiple documents at a time. This tool can prove to be very useful if the users are required to upload multiple documents at a time and yet at present they can only check-in on…

Capturing “mailto:” Metrics

I’m on a project where we need to collect metrics around a function named "Share a Story." The idea is very simple — if you’re looking at an interesting article on the intranet and want to share it with someone, click a link…