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Microsoft Office Groove 2007 demo

See Microsoft Office Groove 2007 in action. This demo shows how Groove 2007 helps you and your team complete projects on time and within budget by making it easier to share information and work together—anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Click here to v…

Programmatically Update List Content in SharePoint

Hi Devs, The Below is the Sample Code to update the Sharepoint list content programmatically by using SharePoint Object Model. SPSite Site = new SPSite(“http://localhost:21000″); […]

Cannot connect to content database error in SharePoint with Event ID 5617

If you encounter the traditional SharePoint cannot connect to database error, with the following from the EventViewer then, run the command “stsadm.exe -o upgrade -inplace -url http://{central%20administration%20site}/“This process may take…

Google Page Rank for My SharePoint Blog

I got google page rank for my sharepoint blog Verify PR

SharePoint Solution Package deployment error

If you encounter an error of type “Error 102 An object of the type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSolution named “SolutionPackageName” already exists under the parent Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm named &#…

Office 2003 Add-in Web Parts and Components in WSS 3.0

Microsoft Office Web Parts and Components is a collection of Web Parts, Web Part Page solutions, templates, and data retrieval services that work closely with Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0. These added features are…

SAP’s Webdav connector for WSS

WebDav is Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning Protocol. The Webdav connector is used to integrate SAP with Windows SharePoint Services. The Connector is a plugin that is available for download in the following Microsoft site http://www.micro…

SPIisWebsiteUnprovisioningJobDefinition Error while deleting a Web Application in SharePoint

The following error might occur while deleting a web application in SharePoint “An object of the type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPIisWebsiteUnprovisioningJobDefinition named “Unprovionsing PWN” already exists under the paren…

Integrate SharePoint 2007 and CRM 3.0 (SQL 2005)

The CRM List Web Part can be downloaded from the below link. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=BC9B3526-DECF-4057-A530-91840C0D5401&displaylang=enThough this webpart was developed for the earlier version of SharePoint, it can…

Microsoft Surface

The software giant has built a tabletop, multitouch computer that talks to phones, cameras and credit cards. Go behind the scenes of this extreme machine’s top-secret development with a PopularMechanics special video report.