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Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Disputed Invoice Management

Template Name: DisputedInvoice.stp Description: Help accounts payable departments track information regarding invoices due to vendors, including value of early payment and reasons for delayed payment. Business Area: […]

SharePoint User Group Webcast Tonight

Tonight, 08/20/08, the Connecticut SharePoint user group meeting is broadcasting a webcast in lieu of a physical meeting this month. Tonight’s topic: "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Extranet deployment methodologies" Micr…

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Discussion Database

Template Name: DiscussionDatabase.stp Description: This template is developed to foster collaboration by helping teams discuss topics online or through Office Outlook 2007 RSS capabilities. Business Area: Project […]

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Competitive Analysis Site

Template Name: CompetitiveAnalysis.stp Description: This template is used to help organize the results of competitor’s offerings through useful competitive analysis technique templates. Business Area: Sales / Marketing

Has Your Search Committee Met This Month?

It’s the beginning of the month and now is as good a time as any for your company’s search committee to get together and analyze Best Bets, successful and not so successful searches, etc. You don’t have a search committee? Then form…

Quick and Easy: Get SPFolder of SPItemList

I keep running into this problem and the Google never seems to understand what I want to do, so I figured I would write this down. I’ve been doing a lot of event receiver debugging in the last week or two. The ER is defined against a document li…

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Clinical Trial Initiation and Mgmt

Template Name: ClinicalTrial.stp Description: This template is used to help manage the documents, tasks, issues, and discussions needed to run a clinical trial. Business Area: Health Care

Sunday Morning Funny: “Dad, He Doesn’t Even Know You”

We northern New Jersey Galvin’s are big fans of the political satire t.v. program, The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart. I don’t like to get political in my blogging, so all I’ll say on that is that without the Daily Show, I may we…

Employee Training Schedule and Materials Template — Seat Count Bug PLUS Security Fix(?)

This is a fairly popular "fabulous 40" template. It also has a bug which is widely known (I’ve even blogged about how to fix it). Sogeti released a codeplex project this week that fixes the bug (which is nice by itself, but not earth-sh…

SharePoint Designer Workflow, Event Receivers and “Update List Item” versus “Set Field in Current Item”

We have a set of SharePoint designer workflows that "communicate" with an event receiver on the list via changes to site column values. For example, if a site column "SetDuedate" is set to true by the workflow, the event receiver dete…