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Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Employee Training Scheduling

Template Name: EmployeeTraining.stp Description: Help schedule training as well as provide a location for employees to sign up and receive course material. Business Area: Human Resources

VPN Strikes Again, Slowing Me Down and Ruining My Beer

Tonight, I’m doing some hobby work with a virtual machine running on my desktop. I’m connecting via IE on my laptop and I’m noticing horrible performance. IE keeps freezing, especially when I access anything in the upper right han…

SharePoint Best Practices Conference, “Best Practices,” and the Elephant in the Room

I was lucky to attend and present at last week’s SharePoint Best Practices conference. I’m still new to the whole speaking "thing" and, frankly, I was a bit nervous for the first half while I sweated out waiting to speak myself. …

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Employee Benefits

Template Name: EmployeeBenefits.stp Description: This template is used to enable employees to locate and sign-up for benefits offered by their employer. Business Area: Human Resources

New Blogger on the Block

My EMC colleague, Erik Swenson, has been persuaded to jump in the fray, stand up and be counted He blogs about about a wide variety of SharePoint branding topics at http://erikswenson.blogspot.com/. Some of his recent posts include interesting stuf…

Best Practices Conference: “Get Great Requirements” PowerPoint Presentation

I’ve uploaded the PowerPoint for one of my sessions, "Get Great Business Requirements," right here (http://cid-1cc1edb3daa9b8aa.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Paul%20Galvin%20Great%20Requirements.pptx). Aside from a series of brill…

Cool Features from Codeplex

Some cool features that can be very useful from codeplex for sharepoint customisation can be downnloaded from the following link, http://features.codeplex.com/

SharePoint Dashboards Online Seminar

My online friend, Mark Miller over and End User SharePoint (www.endusersharepoint.com) is running a free one hour seminar targeted, like he always does, at the SharePoint End User community. It takes place at 1pm EDT. Details are here: http://www.e…

Exploring the 40 Application Templates – Employee Activities

Template Name: EmployeeActivities.stp Description: This template is used to help employees create and sign up for activities and events sponsored by the company. Business Area: Human Resources