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Nintex Options Not Available in Central Administration


Sometimes after finishing the installation Nintex Workflow in SharePoint farm. We won’t find the options in Central Administration.


Nintex workflow administration feature not properly activated as part of installation in Central Administration


Force Activate NintexWorkflowAdmin Feature

Manually Edit SPD XOML File to Clean Up Variables

In this post here (“Getting Answers Back from the Start Approval Process Activity”), I mentioned that you can accidentally add a whole slew of workflow variables to your SharePoint Designer workflow.  Things can quickly become cluttered and ha…

How to Find and Edit SPD 2010 Workflow XOML Files

I was researching an easy way to remove a bunch of workflow variables without having to spend my afternoon in a full blown SPD click torture session.  My thought was to edit the XOML directly, which is the XML file underlying SPD’s declarative w…

Getting Answers Back from the Start Approval Process Activity

I’ve been playing around with SharePoint Designer workflow’s fancy new “Start Approval Process” activity and was quickly stymied because I couldn’t right away answer the question, “was it approved or not?”.  The short answer is that…

SharePoint Designer 2010 MOD function

I am working out some log where employees can request vacation, sick time, etc. One validation rule requires that you must always request time off in 4 hour intervals.  This is easy enough to do – use a modulo function.  Modulo function tel…

SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow Extensions CodePlex Project

I am putting together my second CodePlex project (details to be announced on Wednesday this week, plus or minus) and I had a look at my first project, “SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions”. I was shocked and embarrassed to see that that it’…

How to Create Simple Approval Workflow in SharePoint Designer

In this article i am explaining the step by step creation of simple workflow in sharepoint designer . Open the Site in SharePoint Designer Click File -> New ->WorkFlow Provide the name of the workflow and choose the list from the drop down to bind the…

Cool Features from Codeplex

Some cool features that can be very useful from codeplex for sharepoint customisation can be downnloaded from the following link, http://features.codeplex.com/

Content Approval Workflow in MOSS 2007

In MOSS 2007 Approval workflow is available in out of the box itself. Just we need to configure only few steps then we are ready with the approval process. If the approval workflow is configured the document will be visible only to the contributor and …

Workflow Permissions in SharePoint 2007

Workflows are designed under the security concept that they run as System Account in the Windows SharePoint Services and the App Pool Identity on the server computer and domain. In Windows SharePoint Services the workflows always have administrator pri…