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SharePoint Guy Compares SharePoint to DotNetNuke

SharePoint is better. </end> Technorati Tags: Funny

Today is Opposite Day and I Love Debugging Code Like This

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Sunday Morning Funny: “Dad, He Doesn’t Even Know You”

We northern New Jersey Galvin’s are big fans of the political satire t.v. program, The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart. I don’t like to get political in my blogging, so all I’ll say on that is that without the Daily Show, I may we…

Sunday Funny: “I Thought This Was Supposed to Be a Rich Town”

A little over three years ago, my wife and I signed my son up for a summer activity, The Midland Park Players. This is a drama group that spends about three or four weeks preparing for a play and then showing it to the parents, friends and relatives….

Sunday Funny: “I wonder if your password is …”

I recently bought lunch for my brother (as usual) and we ended up talking about funny things that we did at our respective colleges. At my alma mater, Lafayette College, the academic support IT department had a very inclusive way about it. We were …

Sunday Funny: “When I Was a Little Boy”

As a parent, somewhere along the line I discovered the "When I was a little boy" trick. My son, probably four or five at the time, was playing a balloon and like most little boys that play with balloons, he popped it. He was very upset. …

Sunday Funny: “NOT FOR EXPORT”

Back around 1998, the company I worked for at the time received some funding to create a new e-commerce product. We had the full gamut of business requirements to meet. It had to be fast, easy for end users, flashy, multi-language, etc. Sad to sa…

Sunday Funny: Keeping Your Son On His Toes

One of the many joys I take in being the parent of a ten year old boy is finding new ways to make him laugh or think a little differently about questions and things in the world. I’ve used these techniques over the years: === Misconstrue his qu…

Sunday Funny: Top 10 Ways To Annoy Your Wife

Buy broccoli when you know there is already more than enough in the fridge. Go for a run. Cool off. Take off clean pillow case and replace with T-shirt. Cover with clean pillow case. When driving, ask if we should go the wrong way down a one-way…

Sunday Morning Funny: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah.”

About six years ago, my four-year-old son and I were upstairs watching a Discovery channel "shark attacks" special (possibly this one). He was very young at the point and I was always worried what he might see on a show like this and how he m…