Restrict Anonymous Users to view Form Pages in MOSS 2007

If you enable the anonmous access in MOSS 2007 Site. The anonmous user will able to access the form pages like:
If […]

How to Display RowNumber with Select Query in SQL Server 2005

rownumber() function is used to return the rownumber with select query
The Follwoing query will return the result set row number
] )
Select row_number() over(order by productid) as SlNo,productname,…

MOSS Tells Me My Column Name is Reserved or In Use … But It’s Not

UPDATE 12/04/07: See this Microsoft KB (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923589) for related information.

Actually, it turns out it is, but tricksy MOSS had to make it difficult.

My customer does some development work on his MOSS site over the weeken…

Present OM Data Via a Custom List (or, Yet Another OM Data Displayor [like YACC, but different])

Today, I spent a handful of hours tracking down the root cause behind the message "The column name that you entered is already in use or reserved.  Choose another name."
The column in question could be created, deleted and re-created in anothe…

Performance Testing tools for SharePoint 2007

There is no performance tool specific to SharePoint. When I was assigned the task of optimising a SharePoint site the search for a tool gave me very limited options.
Codeplex’s Data Population tool could be useful for load testing. Other than tha…

SharePoint Designer Workflow Custom Action — Observation About <FieldBind Designer Type=”StringBuilder” … />

Just a quick observation that there’s a very important difference between these two definitions:
<FieldBind Field="InParam1" DesignerType="StringBuilder" Id="2" Text="Input parameter #1"/>


Premature Workflow Activation — A Non-medical Solution

UPDATE: See this MSDN discussion, especially the last entry: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/showpost.aspx?postid=2631057&siteid=1.  It describes a condition that may short circuit this whole thing.  In short, it may be as simple as making at le…

SharePoint Security Fundamentals Primer / Avoid Common Pitfalls

UPDATE 12/18/07: See Paul Liebrand’s article for some technical consequences of removing or modifying the default group names (see his comment below as well). 


SharePoint security is easy to configure and manage.  However, it has pr…

Quick and Easy: Create a Data View Web Part (DVWP)

There is a wealth of great information on the WSS 3.0 Data View Web Part (DVWP) on the web from several sources.  However, I found it to be surprisingly difficult to find information on this first very basic step.  Here is another article in the &#3…

Live ASP.Net & VSTS Webcast for November 2007

Register Now for Free (limited seats available) and mark you calendar for three webcast series on Secure Data Access, Visual Studio Team System series and ASP.Net.
1. Secure Data Access
We explore the new Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs, techni…