Personal On-line Backup Mini-Review: Mozy

One of the … side effects … of working for a giant corporation is that I get a lot press releases in my inbox every month.  I’m still new to the EMC world, so a lot of these press releases are, basically, inscrutable.  This or that company purchased these or those EMC products, blah blah […]

Sorting Calendar Items in the Calendar View

I’m using a calendar to track panel discussions on a given day.  I have two sessions: morning and afternoon.  I want to create a view that shows morning sessions only listed alphabetically via a session ID.  This is a little tricky to accomplish (unless I missed something real obvious).

I can easily create a filtered […]

NJ SharePoint User Group Meeting With Dave Mann … Or .. What Bob Said

Bob Fox lets us know that Dave Mann, SharePoint workflow genius, is speaking at the NJ SharePoint user group meeting on Wednesday evening, 11/19/08.  Don’t miss it.  (Sadly, my corporate overlord has scheduled a big group meeting Wed night and I will miss it).

Click here to register and get more details.

Here are some session details:

Session […]

SharePoint Features & Solutions Management — Don’t Forget the U in CRUD (or the D for that matter)

We collectively spend a great deal of time thinking about SharePoint solutions — how to create them, which tool to use, what happens when they fail to deploy, timer jobs, scopes, etc.  We spend so much time thinking about the up-front bits that it’s easy to forget that we need to retract them as well.  […]

SharePoint Designer Workflow Cannot Access “Remote” or “Foreign” Lists

Here’s another common SharePoint Designer workflow question:

"Can I access (read/write) SharePoint lists via workflows which do not reside on the same site as the list itself?"

The simple answer is: No.

As in so many ways, however, we have to qualify that (which is a good thing in this case).  The platform lets us create extensions to […]

SharePoint on the Train

Today, I was reading through Mike Walsh’s Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 Hours and, incredibly, the lady on the seat next me said, "We just implemented SharePoint in our company."  It’s "incredible" because people just don’t talk to me on the train   It’s funny how SharePoint was the catalyst.

The other interesting aspect was […]

Spinning Up Temporary Virtual WFE’s for Fun and Profit

I was one of 20 or 30 (or maybe 100?) panelists last night at the New York SharePoint Users Group meeting.  Instead of the usual presentation format, this was all about Q&A between the audience and the panel members.  Early on, Michael Lotter introduced me to a new idea and I wanted to share.

An audience […]

Services on Server Does Not List Search — Why?

I was chatting today with Agnes Molnar (the only person I know that I know in Hungary) about a strange search configuration problem.  Namely, search was missing from the "services on server" display (via Central Admin -> Operations -> Services on Server).

I had a look at a functional VM on my own machine and together, […]

Are Recruiters Getting a Little Aggressive?

Or is it just me?  I’ve received three or four calls at my house since late September looking for SharePoint work.  I’m used to the email solicitations, but these phone calls are a little unnerving.  I haven’t had an updated resume on a job site I(like Monster  pr Dice) since almost two years ago exactly.  […]

Just When I’m About to Disable Comments …

They pull me back in!

Windows Live Spaces doesn’t do a good job protecting me from comment spam.  I assume MSFT has good spam detection, but that the spammers are better.  The fact remains, however, that I get far more spam comments than I get real comments and I was just thinking in the last week […]