SharePoint 2010 Solution Stuck in “Deploying” Status

I used PowerShell to deploy a solution to a SharePoint farm (h/t:  Corey Roth and his blog post). 

I then went to the central admin, accessed System Settings and then “Manage farm solutions” to deploy it to the farm and to my (slight) dismay, it got stuck in “deploying”.

I’ve seen this issue come up many […]

Error of the Day: “Cannot Add the Specified Assembly to the GAC”

I’ve been fighting a bit with visual studio 2010 on a an sp2010 solution and was getting this error:

Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Error: Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache: YourAwesomeDLLThat IAmJustNotGoingToInstallRightNow.dll

I went to the GAC itself (c:\windows\assembly) to try and remove and got a “file in use” error.

I […]

Quick and Easy: Debugging VS 2010 Solution Deployment

Visual Studio 2010 reports hard-to-debug errors during deployment some times.  A quick and easy way to do some very rough debugging is to throw your own named exceptions.  Visual Studio will show them in the output console.

Consider this bit of code:

If this feature is scoped to a web application, site will be null.  If […]

Timer Job FeatureActivated And Feature Scope

I’ve been working with some code that someone handed to me for a timer job.  He hadn’t provided the actual feature activation code so I had to write it, of course.  I took advantage of Andrew Connell’s famous blog post on the subject.

I’m using Visual Studio 2010 and deployment kept failing with an error “Error […]

CodePlex Project Update: SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions

A while ago, I wrote that I was trying to resurrect my old CodePlex project, SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions.  That CodePlex project was developed for WSS/MOSS and adds a handful of utility type functions, such as “ToLower()”, “ToUpper()”, “Substring()” and so forth.  It even has a general purpose “call web service” style function.  You can […]

Where is Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.Administration.dll?

I was handed a visual studio project that references Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.Administration.dll.  It took me a little while to find it and I thought I’d share.  In my environment, it’s located at:

c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\14\config\adminbin


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BrightStarr US Looking for SharePoint Analyst

My company, BrightStarr, is looking for a SharePoint business analyst.  Our goal is to work with someone who:

Understands the platform very well
Has a good idea of what’s a smart SharePoint solution versus a cobbled together house of cards
Enjoys working directly clients, some of whom understand what SharePoint is all about and some who […]

Where is Microsoft.CSharp Anyway?

I was handed a .zip file with a moderately complex project structure and which had been ripped out of subversion.  The code is referencing Microsoft.CSharp, as in:

As you can see, visual studio was missing the actual DLL. 

I don’t normally think about where these things are physically located.  I dug around here, created a new […]

Very Cool BrightStarr Video

Having just started working here at BrightStarr, I’m pretty psyched that we’ve put together this very cool video up on youtube here:

I wasn’t involved in producing it and I’m not personally big on these kinds of promotional efforts, but this one is quite cool to me.

Cool BrightStarr Video


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Goodbye CGS, Hello BrightStarr!

Tomorrow, I officially start my first day at BrightStarr (, a UK based company with a US office that is, incredibly, a mere 6 miles from my house.

It was an easy decision to leave CGS, but a hard decision to make .  Let me explain.

I joined CGS just over a year ago (December 2009) and […]