SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script

Chris Johnson released a new tool to help setup a SharePoint 2010 developer machine.

In order to make this process as easy as possible they have created a series of PowerShell scripts that automate the entire process of building a fully running and ready to go SharePoint 2010 environment. The scripts are highly configurable, but out of the box they will download all of the required software, install all of the SharePoint prerequisites, install other software such as Visual Studio and Office. The script will then install and configure SharePoint 2010. And finally the script will provision a site.

There are really three options to develop SharePoint solutions. The first option is to remote desktop in to a hosted instance of SharePoint. This may be an option for many larger companies that have a good server and support infrastructure it is often not an option for smaller companies. The second option is to download and run the Information Worker VHD that has everything already setup and preconfigured. This is a very easy way to get started but it requires a machine with 8GB of RAM and capable of running Hyper-V. Again many smaller companies and independent developers can’t meet these requirements. The third option is to install SharePoint directly onto your machine running Windows 7 64bit. The downside to this option is that it requires a steep learning curve to understand how to setup and install all of the bits and pieces to have a full SharePoint developer environment. This is where the Easy Setup Script comes in. The goal of the Easy Setup Script is to reduce the learning curve and time for a casual developer to get started.

Download SharePoint Easy Setup Script

Easy Setup Script Process Flow

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5 comments to SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script

  • I would love you to get to know that this article rocks.

  • Just running it now – the downloads are real slow tho – its my slow connection – I’ll get back

  • Just running it now – the downloads are real slow tho – its my slow connection – I’ll get back

  • steve hughes

    help! So I downloaded and used the SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script and I am now in this endless loop. The script errors and says “Windows Identity framework failed to install”. So obviously I do not have a clean machine and WIF is already installed. So I restart computer and it keeps trying to automatically intal script with same error over and over agian. I am trying to figure out how to UNINSTALL Windows Idenity framwork then try to run the easy script again. Any help woudl be appreciated.

  • Mike Brooks

    This is indeed a very impressive solution. However, it has not worked for me after many days of effort.

    As usual the devil is in the details and this is a good example of consuming time without accomplishing anything. Instead of a big monster script it would be more prudent to have steps so that a person can understand rather than rely on the magic (which fails!).

    At one point there is a warning that a ‘clean install’ is required; whatever does that mean?

    Then after more than 30 minutes there is a failure because Windows Identity Framework failed to install!
    Looking into this issue there is plenty of information which has not been helpful.
    Even if there was a solution, I assume that I no longer have a ‘clean install’. Now, I have a lot of useless stuff on my machine.

    I downloaded MS Visual Studio 2010 Trial, and when I ran it there was a message that the evaluation period has expired; stange, it has never been used on my machine before. There was a link to ‘extend’ or ‘purchase’. When I click on the link, a web page appears to click on ‘extend’ or ‘purchase’. When I click on these; nothing happens.

    It seems impossible to set up a SharePoint Deveploment environment on a stand alone machine, the devil is in the details, and yet some nerds publish blogs and helpful/useless information.

    The good news for me so far is, I have not paid Microsoft thousands of dollars for the MSDN subscription. The trials don’t work, and that means to me that the full version is a waste of time as well.

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