TechEd 2009 India – Actions in Twitter

For those attending and for those who couldn’t make it in person, the biggest
technology event is HERE! The excitement of TechEd India is in the air. To add
some heat, we are putting things live as it happens from TechEd India 2009. You
can watch all the action from the twitterverse. Here’s how:

TechEd India 2009 Twitter:

The twitter chatter from
[Hint: If you want your tweet
featured, include the hastag #techedin inyour tweet]

Pictures from TechEd
India 2009:

Join Steve Ballmer Live on

Some community mashups
created by attendees:

MVP Blogs from TechEd India:

TechEd MashUp:

And that’s not all – You can pose your
questions for Steve Ballmer over twitter as well by directing your questions to
@techedindia2009. We’ll try to get the boss to answer them for you (if the Live
audience let’s us ;))!

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