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Update URL After cloning Server in SharePoint

This would be very common scenario most of us bump into. You may need to clone your Web Front End to host it in different environment. After restoring the cloned instance you may find your new server refers to the old server name. Quick and easy way to…

WSS 3.0 Application Templates Grouped by Business Area

If you are looking for free application template, which suites your business area, read this resource on TechNet. It has list of 40 Application templates grouped by the following business category. Business Management/Finance Human Resources Op…

How to Use Resource File in SharePoint 2007

Create Resource file using Visual Studio IDE Copy the resource file into 12 hive resource folder GetLocalized method from SPUtility to read the values from resource file Syntax: SPUtility.GetLocalizedString(“$Resources:<<Res…

The trial period for this product has expired – MOSS 2007 Error

If you encounter the error “The trial period for this product has expired” after upgrading the license from trial to standard/enterprise edition in sharepoint. Change your app pool account from “Network Service” to Doma…

How to Enable Document Information Panel in MOSS 2007

By Default the document information panel will not be enabled in document library. Go to Library Settings Click Advanced Settings Enable allow management of content types in Advanced Settings. Click the Document Content Type and click on D…

Item Updating or Updated Event Occurs twice in Document Library

Item Updating or Item Updated Event in SharePoint 2007 occurs twice, if require checkout option is enabled for document library. I found the following workaround from Microsoft Support for this issue. Check the value of vti_sourcecontrolchec…

How to Find the SharePoint Version Installed in System

To find the installed version of SharePoint in system, Browse to Central Administration -> Operations -> Servers in Farm [Topology and Services] Version information will be displayed for each and every server.

How to Use RSS WebPart in SharePoint

Create New WebPart Page. In Edit Mode, Click add WebPart then select RSS Viewer WebPart from gallery. Click Modify Shared WebPart to change to Edit mode of WebPart, then specify the RSS URL.

How to Change the Home Page / Landing Page in MOSS 2007

To Change the Home Page or Landing Page in SharePoint, Browse to Site Actions -> (Look And Feel) Welcome Page – Specify your Page URL.