Custom Actions in SharePoint Designer 2010

Creating Custom Actions in SharePoint Designer 2010 is made extremely simple.

Open the site in SharePoint Designer 2010

Click on “Lists and Libraries”

Select the “List or Library” and click on the Custom Action in Ribbon and choose the where the Custom Action to be displayed.

For this simple action, we will specify the navigation URL to navigate to my blog, also it can set to navigate to form.

It’s easier to trigger a workflow from action.

Click OK to commit the actions to be saved in list.

Now open the list in browser, click on the item’s Context Menu, now you would see the Custom Action added.

Clicking on the Custom Action Menu “My Blog” will redirect to the Navigate URL.

1 comment to Custom Actions in SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Pablo Nux

    Hi, very good article!

    Can I create a custom action to initiate a list workflow developed on visual studio 2010?

    I do that with a list workflow developed with sharepoint designer, but when I tried to do this with another deployed WKF (make it on VS 2010), I don’t have the workflow to select it.


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