SharePoint Designer workflow does not send email to Groups

This is the kind of repeating/common issue asked in MSDN Forum :

The workflow which is created by SharePoint designer doesn’t send email to the members of SharePoint Group.

This is known issue and Designer Team gave the workaround to solve this problem.

  1. On SharePoint site, click Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings.
  2. Under Users and Permissions heading, click People and groups.
  3. Select appropriate group(s), click Settings -> Group Settings.
  4. Under Group Settings area, select everyone for who can view the membership of the group, click OK.

14 comments to SharePoint Designer workflow does not send email to Groups

  • highlandgirl

    My group is already set to everyone view and it is still not getting emails that SPD sends it.

  • lili

    hi i did the same and its not sending to groups, only users what could be wrong?

  • highlandgirl

    Finally found the correct solution. Sending emails to individuals, whether hard-coded or passed by value works fine.

    The Sharepoint groups however, need to be specifically added READ permission to the item/list to “allow” SPD to properly send the email.

    For example, in my workflow I validate a number of things before I actually start the workflow. If these things don’t validate properly, I want to email a “WF Support” Sharepoint group. Since that group has nothing to do per se with the workflow, I must add a Grant READ permissions task just before sending the email.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ahmed

    The solution is to give the SharePoint group ‘Read’ permission on the list

    Thank you

  • […] I changed the workflow to e-mail my account directly and it worked fine. So the problem was sending mail to a group. It took a while to find a solution to this – the clue was in this post. […]

  • Yalin Meric

    I agree with Ahmed. Assigning read permission to the SP group for the list on which the workflow was running solved that issue. But “NT Authority/Authenticated Users” had already been assigned Contribute rights for the list. It is weird that this does not help that issue.

  • Jason Linville

    Just to be clear, does this mean that if the Permission Group has “Contributor” rights, the Workflow won’t work, but if it has “Read” rights it will?

    thanks – this explains a problem I’m experiencing with a SPD custom workflow.

  • Also user which add/edit an item to the list should have Create Group permission in permission level setting.

  • Srini

    Even group has full permission which is not working guys.

  • Dennis

    This didn’t fix the problem for me. There was another setting that prevented the emails from going to groups. On the same screen where you select “everyone can view this group”, you also need to scroll further down, and give the group site access. It needs at least “read only” access to the entire site. After placing a checkbox in “Read Only” the emails started working from SharePoint Designer 2007.

  • Akshay Nangare

    Thank You Sir for article. its working for me .
    thanks a lot.

  • Dennus

    selecting everyone for who can view the membership of the group SOLVED my problem

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